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Government Commits To The Hackitt Report

Government Commits To The Hackitt Report With A New Plan

Minister the Rt Hon James Brokenshire MP pledges to implement Hackitt recommendations in full

Just a week before Christmas the Government at last released their response to the Hackitt Report "Building a Safer Future. Independent Review of Building Regulations and Fire Safety," as published 17 May 2018. Their statement and a full 64-page implementation plan commit Government to take forward all the Hackitt recommendations, promising a much tougher stance than in the past.

2019 is going to be a busy year. The Government believe that the current regulatory system is not fit for purpose and that a radical overhaul is required. And they are looking to create a more effective regulatory and accountability framework to provide greater oversight of the construction industry.

There is much for those involved in design, specification and construction to note.

The Minister serves warning that Government will focus on both regulation and enforcement to ensure better and more complete compliance, with more effective sanctions for those who transgress.

Mr Brokenshire could not be clearer: “My plan for stronger, tougher rules will make sure there is no hiding place for those who flout building safety rules……. We will create a more rigorous system so residents will always have peace of mind that they are safe in their own homes."

There is also intent “to facilitate better understanding of what is required to ensure buildings are safe, through clearer standards and guidance, as well as improving the rigour of the product labelling, testing and marketing process to ensure that people working on buildings use safe products.”

Hackitt makes several recommendations for safer products. But it should be remembered that the Review was required to look at high-rise residential buildings in the wake of the Grenfell catastrophe, especially lessons from evaluating products and systems used in external façade constructions.

Leaders in the fire-resistant glass and glazing sector have for several years been ahead of the Hackitt conclusions in developing and following key best practice principles of product application, function and use, especially extensive repeat testing in line with applications as those have progressed.

Anders Glass has been at the forefront of providing fire-resistant glazed solutions from the beginning when Pilkington first introduced Pyrostop and Pyrodur to the UK.

Both Pilkington Pyrostop and Pilkington Pyrodur have been extensively tested in a variety of framing systems for a variety of applications, in both large sizes and small according to those applications, in single glazed panes and more complex multiple glazing arrays of several panes in both portrait and landscape formats. Ongoing testing and product application development is a key principle rigorously followed. Applications include screens, vision panels, walls, facades, doors, ceilings and floors.

That has also involved clear labelling and strong product branding with technical marketing founded on explanations of how the products perform in fire, including examples of performance in real fire occurrences. The intumescent Pyrostop and Pyrodur interlayer technology has been robustly demonstrated in hundreds of tests now since the first steps were taken in the early 1970’s.

Both product ranges have long-established track records of testing around the world, which has included deglazing and re-testing after 20 years’ in use and special large-scale testing for prestige projects such as the Reichstag building in Berlin. Pilkington Pyrostop and Pilkington Pyrodur are both well-established now and have extensive accumulated evidence to attest to their robust capabilities in resisting fire penetration and spread. They are ideal as transparent fire protection barriers.

T A Anders Limited is a longstanding Licensed Supplier of Pilkington Pyrostop and Pilkington Pyrodur fire-resistant glass and glazed framed systems. We stock the entire range at our modern factory in Trafford Park, Manchester, and can process, distribute, install in proprietary frames and provide appropriate fire safety and product guidance if required relating to the applications. For further information, product specification advice, information and test evidence. please contact T A Anders Limited on 0161 736 2487 or Reference

These opinions are offered in good faith but it is the responsibility of the reader to satisfy themselves as to their veracity and form their conclusions

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